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Hear from some happy new owners of Silverado Mist kittens:

  • Kiah, daughter of Brigita

Kiah took about a week to settle in, she missed her mum, brother and sisters a lot, so it was a case of taking it in turns to cuddle her... Mum sits with a rug over her knees and she settles there also.

Mum opens the laundry door before I wake up and she is in Mum's bed before Mum can get back in there, also cuddles up with her for an afternoon sleep, so as you can see Kiah has wrapped herself round our little fingers. Everyone who has seen her loves her.

J. Wyse, owner of Kiah

  • Pearl, daughter of Justin

We absolutely love Pearl and she has settled in really well - she even talks to our dog Josey through the flyscreen.

Our daughter Grace is fascinated by her and doing a great job of cuddles and more cuddles. She especially loves it when she plays on her scratching post.

Thankyou so much for bringing such a wonderful companion into our home.

Justin and Teneille, owners of Pearl

  • Darius, daughter of Justin

Darius is the consummate cat: he is beautiful with his misted spots and charming personality: he is a friendly, loving and curious and does a great job of closely supervising all household activities! We are delighted with Australian Mists as a breed and would recommend that anyone who wants the perfect cat to get one!

Philippa and Don, owners of Darius
WNCA Australian Mist 2008 Silver Alter Kitten of the Year

  • Mango and Symon

I'm taking the best care of Mango that I can. He's certainly grown in the past few months and is quite the character. People are convinced it's his apartment and I rent a room. It is amazing how much he wants human company - no matter where I am, he wants to be there too.

Symon, owner of Mango

  • Vegas, son of Duncan

Sonny is just adorable. A big softie at heart, he quickly won us over with his quiet, gentle nature. He loves to sit around our shoulders for a cuddle, and likes to play hide and seek under the doona. We love him to bits.

Angela and Graham, owners of Sonny

  • Cisco, son of Duncan

Coco instantly became boss as soon as we brought her home. She loves to race about and annoy her big brother Sonny, especially when he is sleeping. Eating is one of her favourite past times, as well as sitting on our laps. She is a beautiful kitten, a little mischievous and a whole lot of fun.

Angela and Graham, owners of Coco

  • Vegas, son of Duncan

Vegas is irresistible, what with his industrial-strength purr and the way he throws himself into our arms the moment we get home. When he's not cosied up like a cat-croissant, he loves to play fetch, scat about like crazy under the fitted sheet whenever we change the bed linen and cannot resist paddling in the water as it empties from the washing machine.

Duncan and Leah, owners of Vegas

  • Cisco, son of Duncan

Our new kitten Cisco has become Vegas' little shadow and we can't believe that his purr is even louder. He's not quite as clever but is more relaxed and cuddlier. He loves lazing about on his back having his tummy tickled. It's amazing just how well they get along together.

Thanks so much Joan and Ken for our brilliant cats.

Duncan and Leah, owners of Cisco

  • Zanta, daughter of Michelle

Zanta is affectionate, playful and very intelligent. Although she looks
sweet and innocent we are convinced she is planning world domination!
She has a particular liking for avocado, with pumpkin and roo meat on
the side. She has been a fantastic companion for our Aussie Mist boy
Kovu, who is 4 years old. We think Kovu had been depressed after losing
his sister last year but Zanta has charmed her way into his heart and he
is now back playing games and leaping around the house with her (and
snuggling together in front of the fire with her at the moment). They
are a joy to have as part of our family.

Michelle and Frans, owners of Zanta

  • Marble and Wumble

The kittens are coming along really well.

Gerry, owner of Marbles and Wumble

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Photo gallery

Kiah and Jacquie

Kiah and Jacquie
Kiah - captivated by her own reflection on the computer, watching intently as the computer takes her photo.

Duncan and Vegas
Grace and Pearl having a cuddle.

Ang and kitten
Angela having a tough time choosing a kitten.

Duncan and Vegas
Graham hanging out with Sonny.

Duncan and Vegas
Duncan and Vegas sharing a special moment.

Vegas doing some book-learning.

Zanta enjoying the view.

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